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Computer Pride Training Center is a Leading ICT Education center in the region offering ICT and Business Management Courses that are targeted for both the corporate world and the academic world. The corporate world look for ICT and Business Management training  in order to improve the productivity and efficiency at their workplace by performing tasks using the state of the art technology products and software. The academic world looks for ICT training that leads to development of career, obtain well recognized qualifications and knowledge creation.

There are three departments under the training wing of Computer Pride – Proficiency Courses Department, Technical Courses Department, IT and Business Management Courses Department.

Proficiency Courses caters for courses that develop skills and proficiency in use of computer application software such as Microsoft Office Products, Adobe Graphic and Web Design Products, Computer Aided Design Products and SagePastel accounting system.

Technical Courses are meant for IT professionals who want to either compliment their academic qualification with professional certification or to develop technical competence on industry leading software for Networking, Security, Programming, Messaging, and Collaboration and so on.

IT and Business Management Courses are career based courses which are long term and lead a diploma, advanced diploma or degree in IT or Business Management. These courses are meant for those who wish to obtain education that will provide path for career growth and international job opportunities.

1. Proficiency Courses

International Computer Driving License ( ICDL)

ICDL is an internationally recognized qualification enabling people to demonstrate their high competence in computer skills. It is a benchmark known globally. ICDL is fast becoming the most recognized computer qualification because of its relevance to employers and individuals. It provides a balance between employer needs and employee computer skills. An ICDL certification is a global recognition that you can effectively use computers with all the skills to boot.

Computer Pride aims to:

  • Raise the level of IT knowledge and competency of all computer users
  • Improve productivity at work
  • Reduce IT support costs
  • Enable employers to invest more efficiently in IT
  • Ensure that best practice and quality issues are understood an implemented.

Computer Aided Graphic Design

  • Desktop Publishing using Adobe PageMaker
  • Desktop Publishing MS Publisher
  • Graphical Illustration using Corel Draw 
  • Graphic Aided Design Adobe Illustrator
  • Graphical Aided Design using Adobe Photoshop
  • Desktop Publishing using Adobe Indesign

Web Design & Development  

  • Web Design and Development using Adobe Indesign 
  • Animation using Macromedia Flash   

2. Technical Courses

A+ User Support Skills

This is suitable for anyone who wants to start an IT Career, but has to have the MS Office suite Or Basic Concepts in IT knowledge. This is the first Level of IT Courses to help gather in-depth Skills in Hardware and Software Skills. It entails PC Fundamentals, Software and Hardware Support and involves assembling of Computers and Installation of Software.

N+ Network Support Skills

This is a Comprehensive and Practical Networking Course for Support Professionals.
It’ generic qualifications serve as a prerequisite for System Engineering Courses ( MCSE,MCITP).

Oracle Certification Courses

Oracle Certification As an Oracle Education Provider we can offer instructor led training for hundreds of learning topics. Our most popular and comprehensive learning format, instructor led training provides students with hands-on experience to match job role requirements and to prepare students for Oracle Certification exams. From in-class demonstrations to hands-on-labs, our instructor led training provides a dynamic learning environment. Some of the products we offer include:

  • Linux

  • Java

  • MySQL

  • Database

 Microsoft Certification Courses

Computer Pride is an authorized Microsoft Certified Technical Education Centre (CTEC) offering Technical courses for System Support and Solution Developer. These courses are instructor-led and hands-on practical, conducted using Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) whose study programme leads to dual Microsoft Certifications in the four most popular Microsoft Certified courses i.e.


3. Information Technology Courses

The NCC Education

NCC Education is the world leading independent IT testing and Certification body incepted 35 years ago. NCC courses are globally recognized. CPL is one of the 350 globally accredited NCC Education Partners. Through NCC Education, Computer Pride is exceptionally committed to helping students achieve the following certifications among others:


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