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1. Introduction
2. Sage Pastel Business Management Software
3. Workspace Payroll/Human Resource Solution
4. Fixed Assets Tagging/Verification
5. Zenith Smart Style Office / Mirror Cloud Solution
6. Microsoft Small Business Server /Windows Server /MS Exchange Server Infrastructure Solution
7. Microsoft SharePoint Server
8. Microsoft CRM
9. Thawte/Verisign Secure Certificates

1. Introduction

Computer Pride’s is always known for its Training Solutions for the last many years and has made its mark within Nairobi, Kenya as one of the best. With International partnerships with the leading I.T. players and institutions in Computer Pride is making sure that its students and professionals are not left behind in any of the technology related trainings.

Computer Pride also has a well established Consulting Department that offers Information Technology Software and Infrastructure solutions. The details below will give you a brief on what is offered by Consulting Department.

You can further contact our Consulting Coordinator, Jane Githiri, on 020-2221973/0771- 717640 (Email: to know more and organize demonstrations/proof of concept for these solutions.


2. Sage Pastel Business Management Software

From small to medium to large size organizations Sage Pastel has business management software for all levels which fits according to your budget.

Pastel My Business
Suitable for self-managed and startup companies Pastel My Business’ biggest strength is its robust database engine based on Microsoft SQL Server and powerful reporting.

Pastel Xpress/Partner
Caters for small to medium businesses and provides modules that serve most of the business accounting needs.

Pastel Evolution
Strategic business management software that is targeted for medium to large size companies. Offers modules that not only provide a solid accounting base but also streamline business processes.

Sage Line 50
Time tested World renowned simple accounting package that is suitable for most small to medium sized companies.

For more information click below:
Pastel My Business Brochure
Pastel Partner Brochure
Pastel Evolution Brochure

3. Workspace Payroll/Human Resource Solution
Simple to use cost effective payroll and human resource management software based on robust Microsoft SQL Server database.

For more information click below:
Workspace Payroll/HR Details

4. Fixed Assets Tagging/Verification

Many companies maintain their fixed asset register but they are unable to keep proper track of asset movements within the company locations.

Through barcoded asset tagging and verification service companies can maintain a solid track of where their assets are.

With our expertise of fixed asset software solutions we can integrate these barcoded tags into the software for end to end asset management.

For more information:
Bluebox Profile

5. Zenith Smart Style Office / Mirror Cloud Solution

A revolutionary combination of hardware and software, as an appliance, at an affordable price, that can be used by companies to deploy virtual servers and desktops. The appliance has built-in mechanism for continuous snapshot backups. Due to virtual machine technology resources can be optimized as per the server/application requirements.

From the Cloud Management Center, the IT manager can control the whole IT infrastructure in the company.

Virtual Server / Desktop: Virtual Server / Desktop is a virtual machine that runs within the SmartStyle environment. It can be accessed over RDP, SmartStyle Viewer, Thin Client etc. and can used as a Windows / Linux production machine.

CPU & Memory: These are virtual variables assigned to the virtual machines. The CPU, memory, and storage resources can be expanded on virtual workloads.

Storage with BitSpread Technology: The cornerstone of SmartStyle’s high availability rests in a revolutionary cloud file system. BitSpread technology ensures data is preserved the moment it is written. Disk Spread Policies determine how many hard drives data is written across in a way that X many of those drives can fail before there is data loss. For example, a typical SmartStyle policy is written such that data is written over fifteen hard drives so that seven hard drives can fail before you would lose any data.

Thin clients: Thin Clients can be used to replace traditional desktop systems. Thin Clients save workspace, consume less power, and produce less heat than traditional a desktop. Thin Clients are perfect for “Green IT” initiatives as they consume significantly lower power.

Backup and Recovery: SmartStyle retains data using a process called Zero Copy Snapshots. With Zero Copy Snapshots instead of deleting the data pointers, SmartStyle retains a copy of the pointers and stores them in a database. Additionally, data is written sequentially across hard drives, not randomly. Using timestamps and the pointer database, SmartStyle can reconstruct data from any 15 minute point-in-time for 7 to 90 days.

Mirror Cloud: For those who are cautious, you can even replicate to 2 locations. Using MirrorCloud Transporter you can also send incremental files over the internet.

For more information:
Zenith Smart Style Office Brochure
Zenith Mirror Cloud Brochure

6. Microsoft Small Business Server /Windows Server /MS Exchange Server Infrastructure Solution

These Microsoft technologies provide a base for reliable I.T. infrastructure to manage information in terms of shared storage, secure user access, email infrastructure and single logon features.

When such an infrastructure is in place it helps many other business applications to perform optimally due to seamless integration because most business applications easily integrate with Microsoft based technologies.

For more information:
MS Windows Server 2008
MS Exchange Server 2010
MS Small Business Server 2011 Standard
MS Small Business Server 2011 Essential

7. Microsoft SharePoint Server

SharePoint 2010 is The Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web. For every business scenario in which people need to interact with other people, with content and information, or with line-of-business data, the SharePoint platform includes a rich set of integrated capabilities that is ready to be used out-of-the-box, but can also be customized to address specific business needs and integrated with other products and solutions. The SharePoint platform can be deployed both inside the enterprise (Intranets), and outside of the firewall (Extranets, Internet-facing sites), to enable interaction with employees, customers and business partners, while using the same set of capabilities and tools.

Intranet Portal
Portal components in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server assist you in designing, deploying, and managing enterprise intranet portal sites, corporate Internet presence Web sites, and divisional portal sites.

Document Management
With the new document management components of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, SharePoint Products and Technologies no longer simply provide a platform for document collaboration. Office SharePoint Server becomes a full-featured solution for managing business documents. (This document management features are primarily for MS Office documents)

Records Management
Records management is the process of collecting, managing, and disposing of corporate records (information deemed important for the history, knowledge, or legal defense of a company) in a consistent and uniform manner based on the company's policies. These policies are shaped by the work of the organization, its legal risks, and the laws and regulations that govern it.

Advanced Web Management
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server completely integrates Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 functionality and provides significantly enhanced Web content management functionality.

Document Searching
The search component of Office SharePoint Server is significantly enhanced to provide a consistent and familiar search experience, increased relevance of search results, functions to search for people and expertise, ability to index and search data in line-of-business (LOB) applications, and improved manageability and extensibility.

Business Process
InfoPath Forms Services, either as part of Office SharePoint Server or Microsoft Office Forms Server, helps organizations streamline forms-driven business processes with easy-to-use, intelligent, XML-based electronic forms that integrate smoothly with existing systems. This security enhanced, client/server platform provides rapid-solution creation and deployment, centralizes form management and maintenance, and helps to extend business processes to customers, partners, and suppliers.

Excel and Business Intelligence
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server helps organizations provide business intelligence (BI) capabilities to every employee, for sharing, control, and reuse of business information to make better business decisions. The BI features in Office SharePoint Server provide the following:

Web and programmatic access to Office Excel workbooks through Excel Services
Programmatic reuse of critical line-of-business (LOB) data through the Business Data Catalog
Easy development of Web-based BI dashboards that can incorporate rich, data-bound key performance
Indicators (KPIs), Web Parts, and workbooks that can be hosted within the new Report Center site template.

For more information:
MS SharePoint 2010



8. Microsoft CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to help your organization acquire and retain customers and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks. At its core, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a robust account management system that automatically tracks activities and revenue. Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables you to perform and automate many common business tasks, including:

• Easily access information about business records from one place.
• Manage marketing lists.
• Track advertising and marketing campaigns.
• Sort customer responses to your sales and marketing initiatives.
• Keep detailed notes and an activity history for each business record.
• Microsoft Dynamics CRM also can run from within Microsoft Office Outlook.

Sales Force Automation

Sales departments can use Sales Force Automation to track sales-related activities and revenue. This system includes analytical, operational, and collaborative tools that you can use to improve and maintain good customer relations. Using Sales Force Automation, you can:

• Qualify leads.
• Manage contacts and accounts.
• Track quotes, orders, and invoices.
• Manage and track e-mail, phone call, and other communication activities with customers.
• Run direct e-mail campaigns and measure their success.
• Create and access a database of products that your organization sells.

Marketing Automation

Marketing departments can use Marketing Automation to manage many marketing-related activities. Using Marketing Automation, you can:

• Create targeted marketing lists.
• Plan and run campaigns.
• Track each campaign response and lead generated from campaigns.

Customer Service Management

The Customer Service area is designed specifically to meet the needs of customer support and product support departments that handle telephone, e-mail, and Web-based service requests from customers. Using the Customer Service area, you can:

• Track individual cases and manage services.
• Track and share common problems and solutions in a knowledge base.
• Manage customer contracts.

For more information:
MS CRM Sales Force Automation
MS CRM Marketing
MS CRM Customer Service

9. Thawte/Verisign Secure Certificates

SSL certificates keep online interactions private even though they travel across the public Internet, and they help customers gain the confidence to transact with your web site. Doing business online without SSL is like leaving customer credit card numbers on the counter or offering a dressing room without a door.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is a bit of code on your web server that provides security for online communications. When a web browser contacts your secured web site, the SSL certificate enables an encrypted connection. It’s kind of like sealing a letter in an envelope before sending it through the mail.

SSL certificates also inspire trust because each SSL certificate contains identification information. When you request an SSL certificate, a third party (such as Thawte) verifies your organization’s information and issues a unique certificate to you with that information. This is known as the authentication process.

Computer Pride has partnered with Thawte to provide with secure certificates that will give you the seal of trust to your clients when accessing your websites, e-commerce sites etc.

For more information:
Thawte/Verisign Secure Certificates

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